The office was established in 1980 by Alexander S. Papapostolou , Economist, graduate of L’Université Libre de Bruxelles Sciences Economiques (Engineer Commercial), which is a Class A license holder No. 4532 by the Economic Chamber Greece, and has extensive experience in the accounting field both in Greece and abroad.

The office currently operates under the direction of Stamatios-Michail Papapostolou , a graduate of the following greek university faculties:

  • Legal (Department of LAW, DUTH -Democritus University of Thrace)
  • Economist (University of Piraeus, former AVSP – Financial Department)
  • Tourism Business Administration (MSc Hellenic Open University)
  • Engineer & Telecommunications (MSc University of Athens – Interdepartmental Graduate Telecommunications and Informatics)
  • Physicist (University of Athens Department of Physics)

Why as?

  • Academic background in economics and computer science
  • Professional accounting certification class A ( Public Registrar of the Registered Accounters Economic Chamber of Greece AADE )
  • Professional insurance and investment certification A and D level ( Public Registrar of the Registered Insurance Agents Bank of Greece-Chamber of Commerce )
  • Professional valuation certification (TEGOVA) for real estate properties ( Public Registrar of the Registered Valeurs Greek Ministry of Finance)
  • Professional valuation certification (PeopleCert) for Plant-Machinery & Equiptment ( Public Registrar of the Registered Valeurs Greek Ministry of Finance)
  • Professional Insolvency – Bankruptcy certification (Public Registrar of the Registered Bankruptcy Officers Greek Ministry of Justice)
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Accredited Mediator Greek Ministry of Justice Public Registrar
  • Professional Out-of-Court coordination (Registered Coordinator for the Out-of-Court Private company Debt Restrucruring of law 4469/2017 )
  • 25 years professional experience in banking matters
  • Longtime professional experience
  • We have excellent organization and service
  • Excellent knowledge and use of modern technology
  • We give solutions for each issue for our customers
  • We invest in our professional activity
  • We are creditworthy and reliable in our collaborations